Wits Centre for Diversity Studies


9th Annual Wits Centre for Diversity Studies Conference: 9-11 October 2023


The Wits Centre for Diversity Studies (WiCDS) is excited to announce its 9th annual conference, scheduled to take place from 9 - 11 October 2023 in Johannesburg. The event will be accessible both in-person and through a hybrid platform.


This year's provocative theme, "Half-Truths, Lies, and Bullsh*t: The Politics and Practices of Ignorance," seeks to re-examine the concept of 'ignorance'. Conventionally regarded as a simple absence of knowledge, deeper reflection portrays ignorance as a deliberate social and epistemic construct, deployed to benefit specific interest groups. By this understanding, ignorance is not just a lack, but a deeply political strategy, perpetuating systemic 'not-knowing' and concealing the beneficiaries of such a state. The theme invites stimulating discourse among academics, diversity experts, activists, practitioners, and media specialists.


Highlighted Keynote Speakers:

• Dr. Nathaniel Coleman, University of Exeter

• Prof. Marzia Milazzo, University of Johannesburg

• Prof. Authur Mutambara, University of Johannesburg

• Prof. Artwell Nhemachena, University of Namibia

• Prof. Puleng Segalo, University of South Africa


Additionally, attendees can look forward to an evening public lecture on 11th October, in the Senate Room, Solomon Mahlangu Building, Wits University, delivered by Prof. Lewis Gordon of the University of Connecticut.


Conference Venue: Holiday Inn Johannesburg Sunnyside Park, Princess of Wales Terrace, Johannesburg, 2041.


For more information, updates, and registration, please visit the conference webpage:

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