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Building Services
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Building Services
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The importance of building services to the success of an organization has never been greater and continues to grow. Developers, property and facility managers as well as occupiers are becoming more aware of the contribution that building services make to the well-being of occupants and hence their perception of the quality of the working environment. From both an investor’s and occupier’s point of view, building materials, structural options, and building services have a strong influence on how a property performs both financially and functionally.

Stakeholders such as those involved with the design, construction, maintenance and operation will increasingly be required to deliver building services that make a demonstrable contribution to advancing the occupier’s business objectives. The building services to be covered in this course include: electrical, heating ventilation and air conditioning, and plumbing systems.

Course Content

The course will be covering the following topics:

1.  Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Systems

2.  Human Comfort and Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Psychrometry and Thermal Comfort
  • Ventilation requirements and Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Natural Ventilation (wind, stack & combined wind and stack effects)

3.  Plumbing and Drainage Systems

4.  Electrical Services Systems, Lighting Design & Lightning Protection

5.  Fire Safety Engineering and Fire Services Systems

  • Principle of Fire Safety Engineering
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Detection Systems

6.  Energy Conservation & Environmental Consideration

  • Building Energy Regulation
  • Energy Efficient System
  • Local Environmental Consideration

7.  Space for Services

  • Coordination of Building Services Space during project planning stage (E&M plant room, pipe duct, E&M spaces inside false ceiling and raised floor)

8.  Building Acoustics

  • Acoustics Design
  • Engineering Noise and Vibration Control

9.  Lift & Escalator and Life Cycle Costing

10. Intelligent Building

  • Building Management System and Security System

11. Sustainable Development / Green Estate

  • Green buildings 

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