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The Entrepreneurial Wayz
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About us
The Entrepreneurial Wayz (TEWZ)
The Entrepreneurial Ways (TEWZ) works to develop an entrepreneurial economy and contribute to sustainable socio-economic development. Not everyone will choose to be an entrepreneur, however anyone can learn how to be entrepreneurial - to improve, iterate, innovate and adopt a mindset of value adding and problem solving.

TEWZ's focus is a response to the country's socio-economic challenges, and the need to prepare young people for a 21st century global economy. This entrepreneurial mindset incorporates critical adaptive skills, the need for which is endorsed by various international and national institutions and bodies. We supplement people's skillsets, support successful enterprise development, and inspire and guide young people to start relevant, strong, sustainable businesses.
The Entpreneurial Wayz
We do this using a disaggregated approach that distinguishes between the person; the idea/product/service; the customer and the context, while nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset and building the business.

We offer short courses and master classes, as well as conduct applied research, design projects, undertake advocacy and engage strategic partnerships to facilitate the development of an entrepreneurial economy. We work with students, entrepreneurs, NGOs, other public and private organizations and individuals looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Through our platform model of support our beneficiaries have access to additional services from partners that are needed to launch, build and grow businesses. These include financiers, mentors, incubators, and access to markets etc.

"By inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset, we encourage people to think beyond income generation to encompass self-actualisation, self-development, a shared-values approach to business, and community-based development. This way, we empower entrepreneurs to bring purpose to their business, to apply valued based principles and sow strong ethical foundations for sustainable business" - Chimene Chetty, Director: TEWZ

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