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Innovation Support / Technology Transfer
Supporting the development of products, processes and services from Wits' world class research.
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What we do
Innovate from your research!
The results of Wits Research can lead to new products, processes or services being developed and transferred for the benefit of society. This is often referred to as the process of innovation, taking promising ideas stemming from research, to the market, whether social or economic.

The Technology Transfer unit is mandated by Wits to support and facilitate this process, and in so doing add a layer of impact to the world class research outputs - publications, knowledgeable graduates, etc., of the University.

Our assistance will not cost you anything except the time it will take for you to walk the innovation journey with us, so you can help develop the technology based on your research as well as the transferring of that technology into products, processes and services that can benefit society. You will share in the benefits in accordance with the Wits IP Policy.
Our support includes:
  • Development and transfer of the technology into society and/or the economy (also termed Commercialisation) - fund raising, marketing, spinouts/incubation, negotiating and concluding deals with commercial partners
  • Curating the underlying intellectual property (IP): Identification and assessment of IP, and defining a protection strategy (patents, designs, etc.)
  • Outreach - IP Scouts in faculties who are our eyes and ears to identify promising innovations from Wits research, training on how to manage and commercialise the technologies developed from Wits research, advising Wits on IP arrangements in agreements with partners, etc.
  • Statutory and Policy support: We undertake all compliance activities on behalf of the University and advise on improvements to Wits policies pertaining to managing and commercialising IP
Start the innovation journey by making contacting us, and completing the Innovation Disclosure Form.

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